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Bohemian Garnet
Hanus Radek et al.
ISBN: 978-80-7296-125-2
Bohemian garnet has been for many years regarded as the traditional Czech national stone. His blood-red color attracts attention from antiquity to the present.
Comprehensive monograph provides information not only about bohemian garnet, but a whole group of garnets. It deals with the formation, geology, history of mining and processing. On photographs shows the development of garnet jewelry. It also mentions a method of distinguishing imitations from other varieties garnets. Summary of information helps in valuing this precious stone.
The book is intended not only mineralogists, geologists gemologists, but also for anyone interested in understanding the history and present of this amazing stone.

170 x 240 mm
168 pages
315 colour photos,
drawings and graphs
hard cover

Price: 14 €

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