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The Story of European Precious Opal from Dubník
Edice EurOpal - The World of Minerals
Semrád Peter
EurOpal is an exclusive series of publications by Peter Semrád which are dedicated to the European opal and its historically important locality Červenica-Dubník.

Edition EurOpal - The World of Minerals
The second part, The World of Minerals, is focused on species occurring at the locality. Principal themes such as succession, opals, associated ores, sulphates and collecting are covered. The main thread includes additional discussions of scientific and historical issues in order to enhance the context of this work.
The book is bilingual - Slovak and English.

The Story of European Precious Opal from Dubník

This book is dedicated to the history of the only opal mines in Europe and the oldest place in the world where this colourful gem was regularly mined. The Author will take you for a trip and through six main chapters will acquaint you with a fascinating story which originated in the heart of the northern part of the Slanské vrchy Mountains. But there is more behind because the region where European precious opal was mined was not a prominent or a wealthy one with a ready market for such treasure and thus all the mined gems were very quickly sent around the whole world.

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